Nima-Maamobi is the poorest area of Accra, Ghana.

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University of Washington Professor Jonathan Mayer along with Julia Lowe share their impressions of Nima. Read Finding Hope in Nima.


Our mission is to provide a nonprofit environment with low overhead for health action, and basic and applied social and health research in urban slums in Africa. This should lead to the betterment of the people in areas that we serve. We embrace the goals of research in support of community based change, and realize that health is a product of underlying social inequality, environmental degradation, and fundamental biologic processes.

Specific aims are:

HIP-Nima is dedicated to helping the citizens of Nima-Maamobi define their own goals for community health and change, and to conducting the research necessary to do that. It also serves as a clearinghouse for social and health research in Nima and Maamobi.

Our secondary goal is to be a nonprofit organization for public health and social science researchers and practitioners to do applied research of direct relevance to Nima and other communities. It is to serve as the recipient of grants with low overhead and indirect costs, while promoting excellence in applied research. The research is to be community based and participatory.

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